Measurement technique / Quality control

DescriptionManufacturer TypeMeasuring range
Measuring range
Measuring range
3-D measuring deviceWenzelLH1210120020001000
3-D measuring deviceWenzelLH878001000700
Gage Plus Faro ArmFaroF04-02-06-22430100010001000Operation of measuring system in combination with machining center
Hardness tester in HRBrück206 EXMeasuring method HRA / HRB / HRC
Laser marking machineNWL Forano

Furthermore we are equipped with:

- an air conditioned measuring room with over 50 qm floor space,
- sliding calipers up to a measuring length of 1000 mm (analog and digital),
- outside micrometers up to 400 mm / micrometer depth gauge up to 150 mm,
- three-point internal measuring gauge up to 400 mm,
- mandril gauges up to 120 mm and drilling gauges up to 740 mm in diameter,
- caliper gauges up to 740 mm,
- multimeters “Multimahr” up to 1000 mm,
- plug thread gauge / thread ring gauge,
- surface checking device,
- paint thickness gauge,
- pin marker,
- all equipment is subject to the inspection equipment monitoring according DIN EN ISO 9001