The main applications are the drive units of chain scraper conveyors, crushers, belt conveyors, hoists, pumps and other underground machinery.

TZ-brake-and holding-devices are standard elements for the stopping of chain conveyors and for prtection of the follow-up movement of chain scraper

conveyors and pass crashers in the german stone coal mining.

Here the tz-building block covers a wide area of underground motor and drive connections with its range from 2,2 kW up to 1000 kW and more.

Torsionally flexible appliance
Connections for conveyor systems, like chain conveyors or belt conveyors with electrically controlled motors, or special specifications for plants in the

downwards conveying, which means with actuations in the over synchronized range.

Hydrodynamic appliance
Connections for conveyor systems, which use the special starting characteristics as hydrodynamic couplings.

Holding brakes
for the use as hand braking system and the defined tensioning of conveyor chains.

used as safety brakes on conveyor systems which have to be stopped dynamically. In modular version, as standard brake,

monitoring system or GBSDBP-brake.