Coupling Typ 545SSV

The coupling range SSV has proven as a reliable driving element in the application under heavy operation conditions, as found in steelworks and in underground mining. The most important things for this are the big adjustment of length, the easy assembly and the exchange of the intermediate rings in installation. The robust geometry of the claws and the exact nachining of hightensile materials guarantee high durability and longlife of the materials together with elastic intermediate rings made out of ware resistant polyurethane (Vulkollan).

Main features:

  • torsionally flexible coupling,
  • flange coupling for hydrodynamic drive systems,
  • shock absorbing reaction to start-ups and prevention of torsional vibrations,
  • easy alignment,
  • replacement of the elastomere without moving of the engine

Coupling size
(size = D1)
TKN (VKG)Tkmax (VKG)nmaxd1maxD2D3D4dLnumberL2maxL2minI1I2I3weight1)Moment of interia 1)
1)Information concerning the weights and the moment of interia refer to d1max

VKG = intermediate ring made of polyuretan / green


  • coupling hubs ready bored and keywarded (preferably according to DIN 6885),
  • coupling hubs tapered,
  • coupling hubs with double keyway,
  • coupling balanced according to ISO 1940 - higher quality on request,
  • special material for elastic intermediate ring according to application


  • general engineering,
  • heavy-duty industry,
  • chain conveyors,
  • belt conveyors, open cast mining, underground mining

Installation and Operating Manual: