disc brake SBR50H-AK

The tz disc brake SBR50H-AK with brake calliper is a hydraulically activated brake system with callipers opening by spring force. The closing and brake pressure is built up by an external hydraulic supply. As a standard, the pressure is led through the upstream control valve to the brake cylinder. For monitoring the lifting function of the tz disc brake, a position switch with a switch lug is used.

Main features:

    • Brake disc thickness 30 mm,
    • Brake shoe type B,
    • Brake discs diameter 400 mm to 1000 mm,
    • internally ventilated and/or geared,
    • Complies with DIRECTIVE 2014/34/EU, (Group 1, Category M2),
    • Complies with DIRECTIVE 2006/42/EC


  • General mechanical engineering,
  • Plant engineering, drive technology,
  • Heavy industry,
  • Pit fans, large-scale fans,
  • Explosive atmospheres,

Installation and Operating Manual: