tz has been working in close collaboration with the mining industry since 1963. The special knowledge, which has been collected this way, gets processed through our engineering and design departments.

The current product line of tz is able to cover applications up to a necessary max. torque of 650.000 Nm(Moe). With a range of drive combinations starting from 2.2 kW up to 1000 kW tz covers the major part of the underground mining applications for engine and gearbox interfaces just with their standard product line.
Intensive collaboration with our customers in order to solve their drive and brake difficulties lead continuously to the
development of new application fields.

Electric controlled systems from tz, designed to  guarantee the safe run-up and shut-down of conveyers got well established over the years during their implementation in underground mining applications.Permanent enhancements on our own test facilities ensure the high technical standard.

tz refers to many years of experience with CNC-machinery and high technology equipment, an intensive quality control system and the consolidated know-how of their technical departments. We offer, even for higher performance levels, special-purpose solutions according to customer specification.